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PhysioSub Underwater Workout
The PHS-900E fitness machine is designed to provide a means of keeping fit for divers in saturation conditions. The saturation condition imply usually to be restricted in hyperbaric chambers for one month. Typical dimension of a chamber is 2,3 m diameter by 8 m for 6 divers, half-length used to sleep and half used to live. So the benefit for the divers from physical and physiological point of view to have the possibility to exercise is evident. Of course physical activity shall always be performed under the approval of a competent doctor.
The PHS-900E has been developed to be installed in the Drass 100 Series System but can also supplied as a standalone kit for existing systems; a versatile interface plate allows easy installation in all hyperbaric chambers. All materials used are compliant with the hyperbaric environment. The ergonomics and geometry of the system allow safe operation in the restricted environment of the hyperbaric chamber.
The PHS-900E allows a wide choice of exercises which are designed taking into consideration the hyperbaric environment with 5 Newton (~500gr) incremental loads with weight stack resistance ratio 8:1.
It is possible to selectively train arms, shoulders, chest, back, gluteus and inner and outer thighs. The machine is equipped with a rotating handle and a rod for triceps; it also offers the possibility of application of ankle straps. An illustrated guide is provided with the machine to show all possible exercises.